• Image of Fix My Head #3: Rad Punx of Color

I met the amazing Anna Vo on #raceriottour and fell in love with her and her zines. FMH #3 is a an interview based punk zine with a few other essays about racism, sexism and other articles related to anti-oppression work. This zine focuses on Rad Punx of Color and their thoughts and opinions pertaining to race and the punk zine. I found the interviews to be profoundly inspiring and validating. Knowing that there are other Punx of Color working towards a more diverse and supportive scene. Interviews with: Cristy C. Road, Osa Atoe, Kaila Stone, Mariam Bastani, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Atiah, Daniela Capistrano, Steph Phan, Chris Zizzamia and Stono Caves.

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