• Image of Fix My Head #5: Radical POC

I love the introduction Anna Vo writes for this zine. Anna writes about immigrating to the United States and the impact it has on her. She questions why she continues to make this zine and other zines. “I am trying to remind myself what I wanted to achieve with this zine in the first place. And here I will state it clearly and transparently. I wanted to use “popular” culture as a window to radical politics. I wanted people to pick up this zine who might not have previously been interested in radical thought, and through the lens of punk or DIY or hardcore or other more accessible mass culture, be exposed to important work people are doing all over the world.” And just that is achieved! Anna creates a beautiful platform for radical folks to share what they have been doing to fight back and create something better for themselves and others. Interviews include: Sara Rene from Native Punx Unite, Cynthia Nishi from Despise You and Gasp, Truth Sarita, Ursula Stuart from Black Queen, Texta Queen, Aborted Society Records, and Brown Recluse Zine Distro (HAAAY!)

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