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“Joyce Hatton’s zine Grief opens with “I’m writing about grief because I need to.” Joyce uses writing as a lifeline, a way to cope and reconcile with the various stresses and losses in her life. This zine is written in diary format, and the writing sometimes tender and sometimes angry, but always honest as it articulates her surges of sadness and anger, caused by stressors such as cancer treatment and her mother’s death. Aside from the writing, full of emotion and candor, the zine includes colorful expressions of her complex emotions – such as a drawing of the begonias from her mother’s funeral. I especially liked the self-reflection in the end, which goes, “Soemtimes I feel like my grief will never end. I’m so happy though, because today I feel like I made some progress in my grief. And I’m so happy because my grief has put me so in touch with life.”

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