• Image of I'd Start a Revolution but I don't have Time/Riot Grrrl Split Zine

This split zine is a tribute to riot grrrl. One side was written by a woman who was a teen in the 90s. It documents her personal struggles and how her life growing up coincided with the rise of riot grrrl. This is a kind of coming of age story and Bratmobile, Huggy Bear, Bikini Kill worship in the age of pen pals. The nostalgia really comes through when she writes about trading spoken word tapes and mixtapes for zines and starting cassette labels. She prints a letter from Kathleen Hanna to her and reading it, you get a giddy sense of fandom that she must have felt when she received it.

Riot Grrl Side:

There is some really good writing here in this perzine. It is anecdotal and elaborates on her relationship with riot grrrl in college. Issues of diversity, violence against women, and drug addiction are huge themes and struggles that the writer shares with us, culminating in her time with KRS radio at Evergreen in Olympia, WA.