• Image of Muchacha #7: The Coalition Edition

Daisy Salinas begins her intro asking, "how can we work with our differences in new ways? How can we dismantle systems of oppression together?" and continues to evaluate her journey and positionality as a Latina feminist academic, and the power of deconstructing androcentric (and Anglo-centric) activist writing. This edition of Muchacha includes essays and interviews writing on varying subjects, from healthcare to house music to immigration. This zine is text heavy, filled with lengthy essays, some written with an academic approach. Definitely recommended for theory lovers and critical activists!

"We build critical coalitions not only because of its enhanced potential for favorable outcomes, but also because the process of coalition-building itself changes each of us. It is a process, small and large, of building a community. It may contribute to the end of sweatshops, the dismantling of white racism, the eradication of sexism and homophobia. Or it may not. The process nonetheless allows us to know and define ourselves, our friends, and in turn our visions of a just society."