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I had the privilege to tour with Toi Scott for two weeks and night after night I was floored by his beautiful on point delivery of his essays. Here is an excerpt of a review written by Nia King:

"The strengths of this zine are that it’s well-written, applies a strong intersectional analysis to a variety of different issues (poverty, food justice, environmental racism, health), and is extremely content-rich. The amount you pay for this zine clearly reflects only a very small fraction of the work that went into producing the content. Nothing in here feels like filler.

I recommend this zine for people of color (and white people) in the food justice and environmental justice movements. For people of color, it might help to know that you are not alone. For white folks, it should help you identify what you are doing wrong.

I also recommend this zine for queer and trans people of color who are struggling economically and blaming themselves for it. Toi identifies all the reasons you shouldn’t, and articulates them in a very convincing way." Check out Toi's website for other writings! (Link located on the Home Page)