• Image of Philosophactivism #2 Queerbomb Issue

Toi, who runs the Afro Genderqueer blog, brings you Philosophactivism Volume 2 - Queerbomb edition, a collection of writings that address a multitude of topics, such as race, sexuality, gentrification, anti-racist organizing, and involving queer people of color communities in organizing strategies. Written between June 2, 2013 and March 27, 2014, Toi writes with a candid frankness and criticality about their experiences, such as the classism and casual racism of the farmers' markets in Austin, TX. Many of their writings also grapple with the confusion they experience from well-meaning but confused people who don't know how to approach race and class: "As people came up to me to tell me how much they 'enjoyed' my food forest article.. I wondered if they even got what it was about. How can you "enjoy" reading about the exploitation and subjugation and the process of severing access to resources of an entire segment of society based on their race? White guilt is so weird. Weirder than Austin will ever be." This zine also includes many resources, such as readings about racial disparity and guides about dealing with micro aggressions.