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“The education system has failed many of us…in the sense that we never saw ourselves in history and in literature unless it was positioned *around* the white male narrative” –excerpt from interview with Alok Vaid-Menon
In the third issue of miXed’s “Please Tell Me More About Myself,” contributors discuss scrutiny they’ve received in traditional academic and intellectual circles, lamenting on how exhausting it is to be a POC speaking about marginalized communities in the privileged and inaccessible ‘ivory’ towers of education. Education is often seen as way for POC to ~liberate themselves,~ but authors reflect on feelings of further institutional and personal oppression. Yet, the contributors to mixed shift the conversation to education not through formal institutions, but from other QTPOC writing about their experiences, giving credibility to self-education and legitimizing the voices often left uncredited and unheard. Text-heavy, some academic jargon, but authors check their own privilege and dissect what exactly having access to this language means!