• Image of Please Tell Me More About Myself brown sugar // not for your consumption

the fifth volume of the miXed collective focuses on the intersections of identity and food. contributors share recipes, rant about white 'Columbus-ing,' and reflect on veganism, eating disorders, and traditional cuisine and what that means to them. sassy, yet poignant, the miXed collective does it again.

vol. 5, brown sugar // not for your consumption, is the last of the zines curated by the current leader of miXed, Atoosa. thanks, Atoosa, for all your hard work and good energy put into these volumes of miXed - the lovely cuties at BRZD look forward to collaborating cross-country when you make the move to NYC!

to contact for weekly meetings & to see what miXed is planning next (zine workshops! potlucks! coffee!), follow https://www.facebook.com/UWmixed/