• Image of Slander #8

Mimi and I joined the POCZP tour on the same day in Tucson and I have been inspired ever since! I read Slander and Race Riot when I was baby punk and feeling hella confused and irritated about my interactions with a pre=dominantly punk and activist scene. Mimi's zines have often been a light in dark places for me over the years.

So this is Slander #8! Written with all of the same intensity and intelligence as her previous zines. Mimi presents POC punk and riot grrrl histories through her own experiences offering legit critiques of histories written by and for white punks and riot grrrls. Also included (which is probably one of the most perfect things ever written about white centered punk histories) is a piece written by Golnar Nikpour critiquing the book "White Riot" published by MaximumRocknRoll. This zine reclaims our important stories and remembers our contributions which have been largely ignored and mis-represented. So fucking good! And so validating!