• Image of When Freedom Becomes Responsibility: Collecting Stories of Xican@ Resistance in Colorado

Brenda collects stories of the 1960's and 70's Xican@ movement in Colorado, documenting oral histories and interviews by the Freedom Archives, texts and booklets from the National Committee to Conserve and Honor the Memory of Los Seis de Boulder (1994, 2014) and La Cucaracha Special Edition (2014). This is a vital collection of primary documents, with themes and issues such as resistance and revolution, state repression, the prison industrial complex, liberation of land, martyrdom, decolonization and imperialism, shedding light on the Xican@ movement in the Southwest that the government violently tries to erase and silence.

"I am not an expert historian. I am a Xicana who believes in the power of the written word and the revolutionary act of overturning what we know as history"

Proceeds of When Freedom Becomes Responsibility goes to the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute, a school on liberated land in New Mexico, where youth take classes on Mexica history, culture, and revolution within the context of US imperialism and white supremacy. 31 pages, text heavy.

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